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Dave Saunders
7-Mar-2008, 06:07
I've found myself with two 150mm lenses both with Copal 0 shutters. I would like some idea of which one to keep. (I need to raise some cash) I could check the quality myself by putting film through etc, but in view of high film costs and generally lack of money! I thought I would ask here first.

Nikon Nikkor-W 5.6 or Schneider-Kreuznach xenar 5.6

Thanks in advance

Ole Tjugen
7-Mar-2008, 06:31
Both are modern lenses, both are good. The Xenar is smaller than the Nikkor, the Nikkor has more coverage.

If money is the problem, you can probably get more for the Nikkor.

7-Mar-2008, 08:33
The Nikkor is probably Multi coated, the Xenars were only ever single coated, also the Nikkor will have far better coverage, the image circle is significantly larger.


Jim Noel
7-Mar-2008, 09:26
The Nikkor is the one to keep. It is a more modern formula with better resolution and larger image circle.

7-Mar-2008, 10:51

I'd also suggest keeping the Nikkor... for what these lenses are selling for on ebay these days (~$225 - 300) it's not worth selling.

Sell the Xenar.

Just my 2 cents worth. :)


7-Mar-2008, 19:15
unfortuantely, he'll get even less for the Xenar....

I like 'em both but they are diferent lenses for different purposes. I think Ole summed it up pretty well. Neither is better...depends upon what you want / need.