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6-Mar-2008, 22:21
Hi all,

I just picked up an older Sinar Auto shutter in good working order, but the flash sync connector is a little odd, and I am looking for some information.

The sync connector is about 2 inches long and appears to be permanently connected to the shutter. The end is a recessed female PC connector, but it appears to be smaller in diameter than normal. There are 4 connectors (spring?) in a circle around the female PC connection. The problem is that a regular Male PC plug cannot make a solid connection with this. I have been using a small spring clamp to make sure the Male PC plug does not fall out, but this is not an optimal solution. Is anyone familiar with this type of Female PC connection? Does it need a special plug?



Mark Woods
7-Mar-2008, 01:21
My Sinar Auto Shutter has a number of adapters for different synch cables. The connector to the shutter is a 4 pin square (more or less) connector. The other end terminates in a number of different synch connectors. The 2 inch long connector is probably one of the adapters. Try to gently pull it out of the shutter. If it does come out, find the correct adapter for you system. I use Speed-O-Trons and love them.

7-Mar-2008, 06:48
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the info. I believe that I have an earlier version of the shutter that does not have a removable sync adapter. The 2" cable is connected to the shutter via a tiny flange that is screwed into the body of the shutter.


Mark Woods
7-Mar-2008, 10:18
Ok Seth, I didn't realize that Sinar made such a beast. Oh well, you learn something every day. ;-)

7-Mar-2008, 14:37

7-Mar-2008, 14:55
Okay, I figured this out myself. It looks like the outer part of the Sinar female PC sync connector is actually made up of several leaves of metal. Some previous user had forced them away from the center. Once I gently nudged them back I was able to snugly connect a regular Male PC cable.


erie patsellis
7-Mar-2008, 15:49
I now use a Paramount Hassleblad (long) pc plug after having similar issues with my sync cord. the bending only works for a little while and I got pissed having to deal with it every so often. So far, knock on wood, it's been several weeks and still working fine, as of last night, at least.