View Full Version : What 35mm lenses that give full image circle on 4x5?

6-Mar-2008, 20:34
I played with the Zeiss 35/2 Distagon (a 35mm lens) on my 4x5 camera and wow! At close distance and stopped down a bit, it has a huge 200mm image circle! I can use it on my 4x5 camera with movements even, as long as I'm doing macro work. What other 35mm lenses work on 4x5 camera?

Sheldon N
6-Mar-2008, 22:46
Any lens will have enough coverage for 4x5, focused close enough. I don't think that any of them will have enough coverage as you approach infinity.

Ron Marshall
6-Mar-2008, 23:02
To cover 35mm a lens must have an image circle of at least 43mm. At 1:1 the image circle will have a diameter of at least 86mm. Somewhere between 2x and 3x magnification then, the image circle will cover 4x5.

Ole Tjugen
7-Mar-2008, 00:38
The only 35mm lens I've tried which actually does coer 4x5" at infinity is the old Leitz Hektor 135mm f:4. Unscrew the lens proper from the long focussing tube, and it's a LF lens. ;)

Jim Jones
7-Mar-2008, 08:07
Most lenses for 35mm cameras will cover 4x5 if reverse mounted for macro photography. Symmetrical wide angle lenses like the Leitz 21mm Angulon should give slightly better DOF than some other designs.

Glenn Thoreson
8-Mar-2008, 10:13
There's a Tominon 35mm lens that was made for the Polaroid MP-3 or 4 that covers 4X5 close up. They're not expensive but they're very good. They will screw directly into a Copal 1 and they have their own aperture in the barrel, so there's no need for one in the shutter. Those shutters for the MP-3 & 4 can be had cheap, too. A very good and cheap macro setup.

Dan Fromm
8-Mar-2008, 14:05
I'll second Glenn's suggestion of a 35/4.5 Tominon as a good inexpensive macro lens. But note that it was recommended for use on the MP-4 at magnifications from 5:1 to 14.8:1. Also note that they're somewhat variable, I've had a good one and several less good ones.

Gordon Moat
11-Mar-2008, 18:32
Several of the old Nikon Perspective Control Shift lenses will nearly cover 6x7 (cm) at ∞ distance. Use them for closer objects and you get very close to 4x5 coverage.


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