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Dave Saunders
6-Mar-2008, 11:21
Just bought some type 55 today and a sticker says on the pack that it's going to be discontinued, any body know when?

6-Mar-2008, 11:27
Sometime this year is almost a certainty, although Polaroid is in discussions with Ilford (and maybe Fuji?) about licensing the production of instant films. It sounds like there's going to be sporadic production runs possibly through next quarter, but production could be terminated at any time.

Ted Harris
6-Mar-2008, 11:36
There are two large threads on Polaroid elsewhere in the Forum.

Polaroid is absolutely discontinuing all film production late this year as of current announcements. T55 will be produced through the end of this month and possibly through the next quarter, after that no promises.

As for discussions with other film manufacturers, there is a lot of speculation but that is about it right now.