View Full Version : Photo etch resist printing?

6-Mar-2008, 07:26

I have been intrigued by the idea of photo etch resist printing. I have found the polyester photo resist masking liquid for circuit boards, and was wondering if anyone has tried this to print by enlarging a negative and projecting in onto say a piece of marble with the photo etch coating on it, then running it through the photo etch developer, and subsequently painting a moderatly strong acid on the marble face to dissolve away the stone? I've done acid etching of marble before using vinyl shelf paper and drawing a picture on it using marker or graphite, then removing sections of the shelf paper with an exacto, and brushing diluted muratic acid on it. Has anyone tried to use the photo resist material with an enlarger? I know it needs UV to cure, I was wondering if there is enough in a halogen bulb dichoric head to do it?

Jim Jones
6-Mar-2008, 07:40
Decades ago I contact printed negatives onto circuit boards in sunlight. A tanning light might be more versatile and consistant. The resist I used back then was too slow for an enlarger.

Gary Beasley
6-Mar-2008, 17:29
If you aren't too keen on the posterized look you will want to convert the image to halftone dots before burning it onto the substrate. It's very similar to the way silkscreen images look.