View Full Version : Printers: Need help with Newton rings problem

Andre Noble
24-Dec-2000, 11:57
Dear printers, despite using anti-Newton top glass in my Omega D-5 condenser hea d, I am still get frustrating Newton rings. I just read a one year old thread th at suggested contacting Beattie to have a sheet of multicoated bottom glass cust om made to fit my 4x5 glass carrier. Anyone else have experience with this metho d?

I am also interested in hearing any other solutions you may have success with su ch as that "neg-flat"? carrier made by Zone VI or Anti-Newton sprays, etc. Deta iled info would be nice since I plan to solve this problem using your help. Tha nk you very much. Andre Noble

Trevor Crone
24-Dec-2000, 13:46
Andre, I've had the same problem and I solved it by using an anti-newton glass o n the bottom has well. Now this may not work with all AN glasses, it didn't with a Meopta enlarger, this produced an image of the texture of the AN glass. But I 've used this method successfully with both Durst and now my DeVere.

The problem seems to only occur with film with a "shiny" emulsion surface, eg. A gfapan, Delta, T-Max. I think it's worth giving it ago, if it dosn't work you've just got a spare AN g lass without going to too much expense. Good luck,

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
24-Dec-2000, 13:50
Zone VI's "Neg-a-flat" is actually an old idea. They made the carrier adjustable for film thinckness and marketed it better. B&J and others have made simpler versions in the past. I have two I got at various camera store "Fire Sales". IMHO they work quite well, but I have no experience with the Zone VI product.

Beseler makes a clamping carrier that I have seen but never used - I could never afford one - even used they are expensive. The one I saw looked like it would do a better job - but it was only available in 4 X 5.

Brian Ellis
25-Dec-2000, 10:27
You are putting the base (shiny) side of the negative against the anti-newton glass, right?

Andre Noble
25-Dec-2000, 14:17
Sean, Trevor thanks for reply will try Anti Newton glass on the bottom glass too. Yes, Brian, I did have AN glass on the shiny (top) side. Since I was using Ilford Delta 100 4x5 film when getting an rings,presumed it was coming from bottom side, but I may be wrong about that. Andre

Steve Clark
25-Dec-2000, 17:34
I`ve often had similar problems, try raising or lowering the humidity in your darkroom. Steve Clark