View Full Version : Ilford FB Warmtone, yellowish paper edges

6-Mar-2008, 01:29
I have exprienced problem when printing Ilford FB warmtone in size 11x14. The edges of the papers are yellowish about 2cm toward the center of the paper. This yellow color is especially apparent on one short side of the paper.

My local retailer told me it's due to poor fixing and I should fix my prints in Ilford Rapid Fixer in dilution 1:4 instead of 1:9. I have printed Ilford FB Warmtone in other sizes (8x10 and 16x20) with exact same process and never experience this problem before, so I am suspecting if the paper is defective.

Here is my print processing sequence:

1. 2 min in Ilford Multigrade developer dilution 1:9
2. 30 sec in Ilfordstop dilution 1:19
3. 2 min in Ilford Rapid Fixer dilution 1:9 (first bath)
4. 2 min in Ilford Rapid Fixer dilution 1:9 (second bath, I turn on the light after one min in the second bath)
5. 60 min washing in running water in JOBO archival washer.

What could be the problem, my fixer dilution or paper itself?

Many thanks from Beijing!

Chuck Pere
6-Mar-2008, 05:48
2 min at 1:9 is supposed to be OK. You are really doing 4 min with the two baths. If another box of the paper in the same fixer doesn't show the problem I would say it's the paper. You could try 1:4 and a long overfix time just to prove it to your retailer.

John O'Connell
6-Mar-2008, 06:12
I had serious paper yellowing with Ilford MG Warmtone from poor fixing. The problem was due to expired/outdated ammonium fixer, and went away when I obtained fresh fixer. I'd say the problem is the fixer until you try new solution.

6-Mar-2008, 19:03
How old is the paper? I've had older fiber paper go bad (yellow) at the edge closest to the bag opening. The older the paper was the wider the yellow strip was.

Brad Rippe
6-Mar-2008, 21:54
Could you post an example? It sounds like the paper might not have been stored properly. It seems like improper fixing would not be so consistent.

7-Mar-2008, 08:53
Edge fogging (yellowing) is not caused by old fixer. Although fresh fixer is always a good idea, edge fogging seems to occur sometimes with modern warmtone papers. I have experienced it with Foma, Kentmere and Oriental papers. Kentmere acknowledged the problem and suggested shorter printing times and the use of benzotriazole. I didn't find their suggestions very useful. Instead, I have found that Dektol developer causes the least amount of edge fogging and that it should be used only briefly before changing. The problem may be caused by the removal of certain additives from papers by the manufacturers due to EC regulations. You can clean up the edges with Farmers Reducer, but be careful not to get any on exposed areas of the print.