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5-Mar-2008, 23:31
Now I've finally got myself moved and semi-settled in, I'm thinking about finding some fodder for that sweet little old Century 2 I snagged last summer. Some questions...

(1) I understand that the yearly Ilford off-size and ULF order deadline is the first of April. How does a person get in on this deal? Order direct from Ilford Photo in the UK? From the North American distributor? I'm located in Canada, but I see that the agent for Canada is an outfit called WYNIT, Inc., in NY State. Or do I have to order from some online retailer like the one linked in the "Ilford" thread of today? Is there a minimum order, and is there any provision for payment OTHER than by credit-card?

(2) Does ANYONE else supply WP black and white film? Efke, for example?

(3) Is there any hope of ordering WP film from a Canadian supplier of any kind? I know there are a couple of outfits in Toronto catering to the fine-arts market, but don't know if they do special-order stuff or not.

(4) In other words, ANYTHING has gotta be better than trying to cut down 8x10 sheetfilm, no? I just can't handle the idea of trying to cut down sheetfilm in total darkness...

Alex Wei
5-Mar-2008, 23:46
Check this out, they still have some HP5 in WP size and they are in Canada

Oren Grad
6-Mar-2008, 09:58
There isn't a fixed schedule for the Ilford special cuts. I think the intention was to try to do them roughly annually, but the next round hasn't been announced yet. When it is, there will likely be plenty of notice here and on APUG with procedural details.

They intentionally ran a bit over last time so that there would be a bit of extra stock in the pipeline for a while; that may be why they haven't launched the next round just yet. In any case, per Alex's comment you should check with Rob Skeoch re current stock.

Sal Santamaura
6-Mar-2008, 10:37
There's also Wephota NP22 from retrophotographic.com