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5-Mar-2008, 21:50
well, I've finally made up my mind on an 8x10 Shenhao, and called Badger today only to find out that they're back ordered and out of stock. :(

I settled on the Shen because it has axis tilt on the front standard. I've used base tilt before (on 4x5) and found it cumbersome at best, and much prefer the center tilt of my old Calumet monorail.

Are there any other 8x10s out there that have axis as well as base tilt in a wood field? I may just bite the bullet and get the 8x10 Tachihara that mpex has for sale, and save myself $800.

Any help would be appreciated. I would prefer to buy new, but would always consider a good condition used camera. I just don't know what other cameras are made with axis tilt.


5-Mar-2008, 23:09
Hi Paul,

I don't know what the cost of an 8x10 Chamonix would run in comparison to the Shen-Hao... but have you considered a Chamonix 8x10?

It seems a lot of people are very, very pleased with the cameras they've received. :)

Good luck...


5-Mar-2008, 23:19
You could try contacting the factory. They might have one in stock.

You'll pay more for shipping but the camera itself will be a little cheaper. If you buy some accessories the total package might end up being cheaper then buying from Badger. If you buy just the camera then Badger is cheaper.

Mine came from the factory. I'd say from the time I transfered the money and the time I had the camera was less then one week.

Brian Ellis
6-Mar-2008, 08:17
Deardorffs are axis tilt, a good one will likely cost $1500+ but the two I've owned were a real pleasure to use. Is the 8x10 Tachihara axis tilt? I've never used one but the 4x5 Tachiharas are base tilt only.

6-Mar-2008, 08:33
Brian, no, the Tachi is base tilt only. I've thought about the Chamonix, primarily because of all the great reviews, but I believe the wait time on the 8x10 is longer than I'm willing to wait. Can anyone tell me if the Chamonix is axis tilt as well as base? I really liked the cost of the ShenHao as well.

I hadn't known that Deardorffs are axis tilt. Are they all, or were some early models only base tilt? I love the idea of a Deardorff, but I'm not sure I know enough details about wood fields to know if it's in great shape or not.

I think I'll take Nick's advice and try contacting the factory; I don't mind ordering from overseas as long as the shipping isn't prohibitive.

Thanks all!

6-Mar-2008, 10:59
Well I have a superb Agfa Ansco, with front Axis tilt and rear base tilt. It might be 65+ years old but there are very few modern cameras with its flexibility.


6-Mar-2008, 11:24
I like my Ansco a LOT [it's not old enough to be an Agfa Ansco -)] but it's about twice the weight of the Shen FCL and is limited at the really wide end. Other then that I can't complain.

10-Mar-2008, 07:49
How about a Richard Ritter 8x10. I know he is working on a run of them now. I have been playing with the 12x20 back I bought from him and it is very well made. His cameras have base and axis tilt for the front standard. Price is on par with everything else, I even think he is/was offering a discount for this first run.
good luck

John Bowen
10-Mar-2008, 12:14
I too, am awaiting a new Ritter 8x10 camera. I currently own Zone VI and Wisner 8x10 cameras. They all have front Axis and Base tilts.

I have seen photos of Chamonix cameras that did NOT have front base tilts. I just can't remember if it was a 4x5 or 8x10 camera....or even both.

10-Mar-2008, 19:23
Thanks for all the responses, folks. I'm going to try and contact Jim at Midwest tomorrow and see about the Wista that the website says they have; otherwise I will try and contact both ShenHao and Chamonix and see what kind of waiting time I have for an 8x10.

Can anyone confirm for me that the Wista has axis tilt on the front standard?

Thanks again for all the suggestions!


10-Mar-2008, 22:17
Well, I decided to bite the bullet and go with the 8x10 Tachihara from Midwest. Just ordered it off their website and hopefully it will beat me home by next Monday! I came to the realization that the center tilt didn't matter to me (not $600 worth of matter, anyway) and I loved the Osaka 4x5 that I had. It's my understanding that the Tachihara is basically identical, so I think I should be happy with it. Just ordered a bunch of stuff from Freestyle too, and I'm gonna try my hand at Lith printing as well.

Gotta love springtime. :)