View Full Version : Green Filter (#58)

Robert Ruderman
29-Aug-1998, 23:19

Can anyone tell me what the equivalent Green #58 (Kodak) filter is in B+W filter line? I've been looking for a chart to cross-reference between Kodak's numberi ng system and B+W's. Is there one available onm the WWW?

Thanks, Robert

Rob Adams
7-Sep-1998, 22:18
I checked my B&W catalog and couldn't find an equivalent.

Try www.schneideroptic.com


Richard Fish
8-Sep-1998, 19:42
I just checked on this same filter with both Tiffin and B&W last week [through Calumet]. Both will make one on order - I need a Series 9 - with the Tiffin being half the $100 cost of the B&W. Each will take 8 weeks. I have to assume that if they can do a really big one, they'll be able to provide any other side too. Dick Fish, Photographer Smith College Northampton, MA

Ellis Vener
8-Sep-1998, 19:51
have you tried Heliopan filters?