View Full Version : Horseman 75mm f5.6 Question

4-Mar-2008, 14:01
Does Horseman 75/5.6 Professional lens cover 4x5. Anyone know?

Aender Brepsom
4-Mar-2008, 23:03
The image circle at f/22 being only 120mm, I guess the answer has to be "no".

See here for details about Horseman lenses:


5-Mar-2008, 16:25
I DO use the 75mm on my 4x5 but only for the vignetting effect. Very pronounced with that size image circle. Cool wide-angle image, though. Of the "Super" lenses, the 120 has the sharpest corners when used for 4x5. Some of the other "Supers" have a big enough 'light' circle for 4x5 but loose some sharpness at the corners.