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Daniel Grenier
4-Mar-2008, 10:29
Hi guys.

A friend of mine (a non-photographer) asked me for suggestions for his upcoming trip. He's flying to Vegas and driving to California to end up leaving from San Fran. He's got the Grand Canyon planned out but is looking for good tips on his drive to L.A. I know L.A to San Fran area well enough to guide him but I'm not up on Vegas to L.A

Any suggestions on some not to miss sights on that stretch ?

Doug Dolde
4-Mar-2008, 10:35
Death Valley is a detour and about the only thing worth seeing between the two cities. It's I-15 all the way. If he had any sense he'd skip LA entirely. I'm in LA and do not like it. In fact I curse it daily.

steve simmons
4-Mar-2008, 10:45
just off the top

the Kelso Dunes, the old train depot in Kelso in the middle of the dunes, Calico, the rehabbed Harvey House in Barstow, Joshua Tree is not too far of the route,

steve simmons

Kevin Crisp
4-Mar-2008, 11:14
I second Kelso Dunes and the old depot. Also the Vulcan Iron Mine which is more or less at the same place. All these are between the I15 and the I40.

6-Mar-2008, 17:22
If she is still dancing, Marta Becket at the Amargosa Valley Operahouse about 30 miles s. of Zabriskie Point. I saw her 3 years ago at age 82 in her auditorium that she painted an audience into years ago so that she still had a reason to dance when no one would come in person. She could still dance en pointe. You can stay there too in the restored buildings.

Death Valley with its gazillion things to see and also Tehachapi Pass, which is the way over the hill to the Central Valley. The other way, up 395, is also beautiful and interesting, especially the dry Owens Valley Lakebed and Mono Lake. From there, if it's not too early in the season, you can go over the hill to Yosemite. Otherwise around the bend at Tahoe and down the Mother Lode. So much to see.

6-Mar-2008, 18:46
I'm in LA and do not like it. In fact I curse it daily.

me 2. I curse it once in the morning, and again in the afternoon.

Martin L.
6-Mar-2008, 19:50
Can your friend detour down to old Route 66? I took part of it on a Vegas to LA trip and there were lots of interesting tidbits along the way. If they went south to Kingman first they could do Hoover Dam. There is still loads of cool neon on all those old hotels in Boulder City too. I-15 is 3 hours of nothing.

evan clarke
7-Mar-2008, 04:46
me 2. I curse it once in the morning, and again in the afternoon.

It could be worse, you guys could work at Walmart in L.A. :rolleyes: ..EC

steve simmons
7-Mar-2008, 13:14
If he is an AAA member he should get the map titled 'Southern California'

steve simmons

7-Mar-2008, 18:30
If he is an AAA member he should get the map titled 'Southern California'

steve simmons

Not to mention Google Earth, doesn't matter if he's AAA member or not.

7-Mar-2008, 18:37
I'm in LA and do not like it. In fact I curse it daily.

me 2. I curse it once in the morning, and again in the afternoon.

Me 3, but I telecommute and I love it, or at least every mile I don't have to drive in the morning and in the evening :). Lots of clients, doctors, lawyers... Lots of places to go and things to see too, not to mention direct flights to most places on the globe or at least close to. And there's even significant "backyard wilderness" for those so inclined. No need for winter tires or winter clothes unless you go skiing, which is a couple of hours away from the beach. No rust on cars. Nothing is too weird, too liberal or too strange. Etc.

Frank Petronio
7-Mar-2008, 19:01
I love visiting LA and its surroundings. I never found it that hard to get around but I avoid rush hours.

12-Mar-2008, 07:16
I would skip LA as well, don't care much for commuting around that city...

Death Valley would be a definite stop, very neat place. Spent a week wandering and camping inside the park, one of the best trips I've gone on. Yosemite would also be a nice stop depending on the time of year.

Any trip right now sounds wonderful...

Daniel Grenier
12-Mar-2008, 07:50
Thanks all for the great tips. I've passed them on.

My friend can rescue some of you out of L.A. on his way by... let me know if you need out bad enough.

John Kasaian
12-Mar-2008, 08:39
A detour to Palm Springs might be nice. Taking the tram up the mountain for a short hike should yield some excellent scenery (but I'd avoid the area during Easter vacation!)

12-Apr-2008, 14:34
me 2. I curse it once in the morning, and again in the afternoon.


But then, I'm in Topanga. ha.

A stop at Big Bear Lake would be a nice detour.

12-Apr-2008, 17:48
L.A. is the most extraordinary city on the continent, IMO. It is a chaotic mix of old styles, the newest architecture, highly individualistic fantasies and amazing holdovers, like Chavez Ravine (the part that remains). In addition, it has a fantastical geological, topographic and climatic conditions with incredible views of the strange and ingenious ways man has tried to deal or thwart those events. For natural beauty, there is the Pacific, the Santa Monica Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains. It has great museums and Gardens, such as the Getty (great photo collection), LACMA and the Huntinton Gardens. The only problem with LA is that the people who live there are oblivious to its amazing features - probably carbon monoxide poisoning. I would also avoid driving its highways and major roads from 6-10am and 3-7pm on weekdays. But you can work around that and drive surface streets. If you avoid the large format disease of only seeking out large format views and places, you will find the whole region fascinating.

Andrew Eschbacher
13-Apr-2008, 18:23
Death Valley NP, Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills, Big Pine and the white mountains and Eureka Dunes, Devils Postpile NM, Mono Lake, West side of Yosemite, Bodie. No need to go near LA to get to SF.


14-Apr-2008, 19:25
...places not to miss between Vegas and L.A. ?


Mark Sampson
15-Apr-2008, 07:40
Your friend needs to read "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" to get one person's ideas about the LA-Vegas drive...