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3-Mar-2008, 19:23
Okay...I'm trying to plan for my first ever trip to Yosemite/High Sierras in May and I'm trying to think of ways to complete/improve my current setup. Here is what I have in terms of major equipment so far:

Canham 5x7 wood field camera
150 Schneider Super Symmar HM
240 Fuji 240 A
450 Fuji C
Bogen 3021 tripod with 3030 head

I'm thinking about adding another lens OR a Ries J100 tripod w/J250 double tilt head. If you were adding to this setup, which would you add? I could probably add both but I'm just wondering what you would find more valuable for shooting that landscape/area?



Eric Woodbury
3-Mar-2008, 19:28
You need a wide angle. 110mm or wider. Have fun.

Gary Beasley
3-Mar-2008, 19:31
Personally I'd go with the tripod upgrade. Doesn't matter how good the optics are if the camera moves.

Tom Perkins
3-Mar-2008, 20:46
I wouldn't change anything for this trip alone, but if you think you will use it over the years, the Ries is a good bet and may be useful. They are much better for a stable platform, but difficult to take along for air travel, and I picked up a 3021 a couple of years ago for that very reason. In Yosemite, you can see something really nice and be unable to frame it by moving, so for focal lengths, the range between the 240 and the 450 is the one to fill.

Turner Reich
3-Mar-2008, 22:51
Filters, another cable release, lens cleaning kit, camera case/backpack. You don't need any new equipment.

John Kasaian
3-Mar-2008, 23:06
I'm not familiar with the Bogen 3021, but if its a steady mount why change? The lenses should be fine as is your camera. Aside from the obvious stuff mentioned by Turner Reich (if that indeed is his real handle) how about lots of film? The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite Valley only stocks 4x5 and it's a looong drive to Freestyle in Hollywood or Calumet in San Francisco! And of course a changing bag that will accomodate 5x7.

And mosquito repellant!

And antihistamine if you suffer from allergies.

Have fun!

3-Mar-2008, 23:16
Have to agree. I think you're set for gear. Buy more film and film holders and save whatever money you have left for gas and libations.

Michael Roberts
4-Mar-2008, 05:15
Christian, you might think about taking a look at Ansel's 40 Examples book to see what focal length lenses he used for different shots in Yosemite. It would give you a comparison to your lens kit and how you like to work--give you an idea of what you need. From your list, looks to me like you are set. For 5x7, the 150 will give you a wider than normal look. Whether it will be wide enough for say, a vertical of El Capitan or not, I can't say. That's where I would check out some other photos that include tech info. There are view points where you will definitely need longer than normal focals. Again, looks like you are set. I second the more film suggestion.