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John Kasaian
3-Mar-2008, 18:08
I traded my Kodak Masterview a long time ago but I came across some parts which I think might go with the camera (but I don't know for sure!) The most puzzeling piece is a ground glass---it certainly isn't for a 'dorff. Does anyone here know if the MKV 8x10 gg has square or clipped corners? also how thick is it supposed to be? This might be for a 2D I really don't know!:confused:

Dave Parker
3-Mar-2008, 18:12
Master view came from the factory with square corners, dorff was normally clipped, the 2D normally came with square as well or slightly rounded to fit the rabbit on the back....but over the years, there has been many who have changed it..it is difficult to actually tell, without a name stamped on the glass, now the MV screen is actually about 1/16th of inch smaller than a dorf screen in both dimensions...as is the 2D screen, nominal size on the Kodaks are 9 15/16th by 7 15/16th, the Dorff screens were normally exactly 8x10, normally in the past, most of the screens were about 2mm or 1/16th of an inch....there have been a few that have used 3mm screens, I have seen a lot of the Kodak whole plate's with the 3 mm glass...


John Kasaian
3-Mar-2008, 21:08
Thanks Dave! :)

Mark Sampson
4-Mar-2008, 10:44
The KMV groundglass is also marked for 5x7 and has diagonal lines on it too. Rather distinctive.