View Full Version : 450 Nikkor-M, How Good Close-up?

3-Mar-2008, 15:27
I've searched this forum without finding much commentary on the performance of the 450 Nikkor M at closer distances. Will the image fall-apart when I get down to the 1:2 to 1:5 reproduction range? Does it make sense to keep an Apo Ronar in this focal length range for the close-ups and reserve the Nikkor (or perhaps a 450 Fujinon C) for more distant subjects on 8x10 (and possibly 11x14 in the future)? Or are the differences too small to see in practical use? Comments based on experience with this lens would be much appreciated!

Diane Maher
4-Mar-2008, 06:08
I used this lens as a portrait lens on my 5x12 this past summer. I really liked the results. I'm not sure what you mean when you ask if the image will fall apart.

Ted Harris
4-Mar-2008, 06:54
Although it is generally a bit long, I do use it sometimes for tight head shot portraits. No problems, other than the fat tht you need lots of bellows extension to use it at ranges closer than infinity.

4-Mar-2008, 08:18
Basically, I wanted to know whether this lens will provide the kind of hard-edged definition in the 1:2 to 1:5 reproduction range that I've found desirable (at times) with some of the purpose-built macro and process lenses; specifically the Apo Ronars that I've used. My experience with some of the plasmats (specifically a 240mm Symmar S MC that I used to own) is that when you get that close, you lose some of that vivid, etched look that modern lenses are both praised and damned for. At some point, you get so far out of the design range of the lens that various aberrations reach such a level that the image quality is rather soft and more importantly, unpleasant in character.