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3-Mar-2008, 04:56
hello all,

just last night and today the forums are moving painfully slow. we are talking dial up from the early 2000s slow!

i have deleted my cookies and clicked "mark forums as read" and i am not getting any faster.

anyone got any suggestions? this is my favorite site and i am afraid i will be very old by the time i get to read the interesting bits....



ps. all the other sites i go to work just fine....

john collins
3-Mar-2008, 05:10
Eddie's right - something is wrong with the LF Forum site. Very slow load.

3-Mar-2008, 05:14
Forum has also lost a lot of posts as well.


kev curry
3-Mar-2008, 05:29
I'm experiencing the same difficulties!

Scott Kathe
3-Mar-2008, 06:17
Hope someone can take a look at this-I am having the exact same problem from home. Maybe it will be better at 'work'.


3-Mar-2008, 06:24
no better at work for me......

what am i goingto do?!!?!?!!?!? now i have to WORK! damn! :) :)

3-Mar-2008, 06:27
no better at work for me......

what am i going to do?!!?!?!!?!? now i have to WORK! damn! :) :)

3-Mar-2008, 06:35
most of the past 24+ hrs connection is hit & miss often impossible, then when you try to access another page it's lost again.

It took 8 minutes to load this page


Jan Pedersen
3-Mar-2008, 07:44
Same problem from here and on two different computers. Hope it is a minor problem.


Pete Watkins
3-Mar-2008, 11:41
Got the same problem in the U.K. I've given the computer a good kicking and that hasn't improved matters.

Scott Kathe
3-Mar-2008, 11:53
no better at work for me......

what am i going to do?!!?!?!!?!? now i have to WORK! damn! :) :)


I feel your pain-it took about 20 minutes for your quote to show up in my reply window here at work;)


David Luttmann
3-Mar-2008, 12:58
Quick some minutes, dead the next. Oh well.

3-Mar-2008, 14:01
Dagnabbit, this hear thang is slower than a slug in molasses! Someone run a roto-rooter through them thar tubes of the interweb!

Actually, tracerouting to the hosting server, server3.reid.org, is fast, so it's a server problem, not a network one.

3-Mar-2008, 14:29
Seems to be working fine for me. I must be special.

3-Mar-2008, 14:40
time to load the cameras and get out there shooting.

After you have dumped your cookies and your internet cache, AND when you have located and cleaned out your TEMP files from the TEMP folder(For Windows, it's in a hidden folder called local settings- you have to change your folder views in the control panel and UNhide the hidden files and folders, then you can locate the TEMP folder in the LOCAL SETTINGS folder.

Open Control Panel
Go to Folder Options
left click the View tab
left click on the button in front of "show hidden files and folders"
left click apply
close this window and control panel
Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your user profile
Open the local settings folder by clicking once (left) on it
The contents of the local settings folder are trash and are not used by your computer, but they slow down your computer over time. This folder should be cleaned out often if you install and uninstall lots of software over time.
Nothing in this folder is going to damage your computer if you clean this ONE folder out - DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU ARE NOT CLEAR ABOUT WHAT I JUST DESCRIBED)

So, to reiterate, clean out cookies, internet temporary files (cache) and TMP (TEMP folder) files DO NOT TRY TO DELETE the TEMP folder itself. This can also be done in Disk Cleanup, but it's not reliable. THIS IS FOR WINDOWS XP Only

Then, on the internet, go to


See if you, or the forum is in one of the slow legs of the internet.

You can also download any number of internet speed tests from the internet to run on your computer.

Lastly, I had a problem two weeks ago where my IP number on the internet was bogged down, so I reset my broadband cable modem and it was miraculously fast afterward.

Run your Antivirus and spyware scanners.

If all that does not work...

Get ready for the demise of the internet or look here:


Mebbe it's time to load some film and go out in the woods or the big city.

Tom Westbrook
3-Mar-2008, 15:37
It appears there were server issues today--it was rebooted at about 3PM Central. If anyone is still having problems, let me know and I'll check with our server benefactor.

Bjorn Nilsson
3-Mar-2008, 15:39
We will probably hear something soon about what happened. Even Apug was fast compared to lfphoto.info for some time, even though somethings seem to have been fixed during the last couple of hours.
Kuzano: There are too many that have had problems during the last 24-36 hours to blaim it on individual computer maintainance problems. Also, it's still freezin cold out there, so I will still stay inside and dream about better, warmer 'n brighter times to come. :)


Fred L
3-Mar-2008, 15:41
Fine for the last hour or so. Thanks Tom. Man it's sad I need a regular LFF fix throughout the day :o

Pete Watkins
3-Mar-2008, 23:40
Site seems to be back to normal in the U.K. this morning. Many thanks.

4-Mar-2008, 01:23
Still glitches, it hangs when posting a reply, and posts twice.