View Full Version : fujinon 210mm nws for 8x10?

29-Feb-2008, 18:31
The literature i found states the fujinon has got an ic of 300mm and its got ebc coating. I've found the ic numbers are usually generous. I found one locally that's brand new in a shutter. Would this be a good choice for 8x10? Would i be better off with an older fujinon 210 w that seem to be hard to find? I'd like something multicoated. I shoot 8x10 chromes and b+w negs.

I've been using a 210mm Repromaster, made in West Germany that i believe is similar to or is a g glaron. The coatings look the same as my 305 g claron and i don't know of another 210 made over there that's this small. They also made a 305 repromaster as well. I've been using the 210 repromaster on 8x10 with a bit of movement and it's just as sharp as anything else i've got, maybe sharper but it's not in a shutter. The literature for the 210 g claron states the ic at 260mm.

I've got a 240mm symmar-s in a prontor shutter i'd be willing to trade for the right 210mm.



29-Feb-2008, 18:36
It covers, but you wont get a great deal of movement. I used the same lens can stopped down to f/45 the image circle seems to be about 340mm or so. I am doing only contact printing, so its sharp enough for me.


1-Mar-2008, 09:34
I have an early multicoated 210mm Fujinon-W in a chrome Copal #1. It is an amazing lens to be certain but, I don't think it would really cover 8x10. It'll light up 8x10 easily and stopped way down, you might find the sharpness in the corners of 8x10 acceptable....maybe. I guess it all depends.

It does cover 5x7 with lots of room for movement.

2-Mar-2008, 10:39