View Full Version : Enlarging lens as macro lens, experimental result

22-Dec-2000, 14:07
http://www.geocities.com/h_xd/html/strawberry.html Nikon 210mm EL mounted on Calumet 45NX, stop down to f45, Tmax 100 developed in D76(1+1), scan from neg with a Epson 636, no cropping.

Andres Suurkuusk
22-Dec-2000, 15:47
Well, here (http://www.hot.ee/andress/24.htm) is Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon N 80/2.8@f22 on Sinar F2, Velvia, drum scan.

Andres Suurkuusk
22-Dec-2000, 15:50
Sorry for misprint, it should be 80/4@f22 ;)

Michael S. Briggs
22-Dec-2000, 19:45
I recently did an almost X7 times enlargement onto 4x5 film using a reverse-mounted 63 mm f2.8 El-Nikkor, using taking apertures of f8 and f11. I was able to use such large apertures because the subject was flat. The bellows extension of 500 mm required an exposure compensation of 6 stops! In this arrangement the reverse-mounted 63 mm lens covered 4x5 and delivered excellent resolution; non-reverse-mounted, the resolution was poor.

26-Dec-2000, 03:54
I would like to know from others how the bellows extension was? Was it far or just like normal lenses? I really liked the leaf shot.