View Full Version : Washing Fiber Paper in ATL-2500

29-Feb-2008, 09:34
I would like to start using Fiber Paper in my Jobo Alt-2500 processor. When I go to wash the print can I have the processor wash it or do I need to use a print washer. A lot of Fiber papers have long wash times, do I use the same wash time as a print washer.
Thanks, Jacob

Dave Langendonk
29-Feb-2008, 16:46
Jobo recommends against processing fiber based paper in their system. It tends to form around the ribs in the drums. I've tried it and it does come out a little weird. Not sure I saw any permanent ill effects but tray processing seems better for fiber. Since fiber needs a long wash time to be effective, I wouldn't do it the jobo drums.

Dave Langendonk
29-Feb-2008, 17:10
See this link for more info from Jobo: