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Michael Kadillak
21-Dec-2000, 00:39
Is it possible to repair a modest external ding on the outer barrel of a lens th at caused the filter threads to be compressed slightly at one point or do you ju st have to live with it?


Fumble Fingers

N Dhananjay
21-Dec-2000, 01:46
Yes, it can be repaired - a camera repair shop should have something that looks like a plier with a curved clamping end. Clamp around the filter threads and gently squeeze back into shape - sorry for the incoherent description - wish I knew what the tool was called. Good luck. DJ

Paul Schilliger
21-Dec-2000, 08:43
I had fixed a cine lens that was very damaged (and bought cheap) years ago. I pl aced a cylinder of tender wood firmly in a vise and placed the outer ring of the lens on it and by tapping very gently with a tiny rubber hammer could straighten the thread well enough to use it. The cylinder of wood (from an old handle) should be cut slantwise to avoid touching the glass. But the previous answer is certainly safer!

Kevin Kemner
21-Dec-2000, 11:48

I had a lens with a similar problem. S.K. Grimes (doesn't his name automatically pop up when there is a repair question?) fixed it at a modest charge in less than a week.


Sergio Ortega
21-Dec-2000, 13:20

This is a very straightforward and simple repair. It hardly seems worth the trouble of sending it off to be done by a repairperson. It does require the specialized tool already mentioned, and this tool can likely be purchased for less than the outside repair plus shipping/insurance costs.

Try the following: International Micro-Tools, 800-359-2878. Their on line catalogue is at: www.micro-tools.com.

Good luck, Sergio.