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28-Feb-2008, 18:39
hi there,

I am an amateur photographer from Germany. Worked for quite some time with a speed graphic and now got a Toyo View 45G via ebay. Currently I'm looking for lenses and would like to get some from Nikon (I know, these are discontinued). Do you know of any shop in the USA where I can still get the following lenses:
Nikkor SW-65/4
Nikkor M300 mm
Nikkor M450 mm

BH PhotoVideo is out of stock on these lenses.
Any feedback is highly appreciated.
Kind regards

28-Feb-2008, 19:04
Hi Ulrich,

Try badgergraphic.com and occasionally the ebay auctions:
250219729360 is a Nikkor 360
320221520698 is a Nikkor SW65

Good hunt!

David Karp
28-Feb-2008, 19:11
Try Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com). Ask for Jim Andracki.

Most stores will have used items in stock. In my experience, used items from Jim often look like they were never touched.

Kirk Gittings
28-Feb-2008, 19:22
I've bought three new Nikkors in the last year, all from B&H.

Walter Calahan
28-Feb-2008, 19:49
Tons of them are on eBay any given day.

Badger, MidWest, B&H, as mentioned are great resources.

Ron Marshall
28-Feb-2008, 19:54
KEH Camera Brokers. I have purchased many lenses from them and have always been completely satisfied with their ratings and service.


Eric Woodbury
28-Feb-2008, 20:17
Try Fuji C for the 300 and especially the 450mm. The 450mm is so much smaller.

28-Feb-2008, 21:10
Hi Ulrich,

Take a peek at this link:


Good luck.


Joseph O'Neil
29-Feb-2008, 06:27
Harrys Pro Shop in Toronto has two used Nikkors for sale right now

Lenses I bought form him in the past (used) have been just as described

10-Mar-2008, 05:00
many thanks to all of you. Got one lens on ebay, will buy the rest probably at mpex (used). New ones seem not to be available anymore.
Kind regards