View Full Version : Fujinon 300C, 300A or Nikkor 300M?

28-Feb-2008, 16:29
Guess, it comes down which one I should buy. I'm shooting up to 8x20.
Anyone covers it?


Don Hutton
28-Feb-2008, 16:34
None of them cover 8x20. All of them cover 8x10. I've owned all three at various times. All are excellent performers.

The Nikkors I have used all have had less coverage the the Fuji C - which has loads of room for movements on 8x10. The 300A can just hit the corners of 11x14 at f45 - stopping down does not help - it mechanically vignettes beyond that. The 300As tend to cost more money. I personally now use a 300 C - it's excellent value and produces great images.

28-Feb-2008, 16:36
Very good. Thanks Don.

28-Feb-2008, 18:15
Bought it. 300C