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28-Feb-2008, 11:32
Anyone use daylight processing tanks?

The HP combi looks complicated (maybe because in the picture they have it all in pieces) but I like that you can use it as a film wash.

I would like to be able to do some developing in the house so I do not have to "crank up" the darkroom to process a couple of sheets of film.

Any thoughts would help!

Pat Kearns
28-Feb-2008, 11:53
I use a Beseler 8x10 drum with a Beseler motorized base. The drum will hold 4 4x5 or 2 5x7 sheets. They can be found frequently on ebay. A word of caution, you need the separators and sometimes they have been lost or discarded by the original owners. On the LF homepage an article using a Unicolor and making a separator is good reading.

Bruce Watson
28-Feb-2008, 12:08
Anyone use daylight processing tanks?

Jobo Expert tanks (http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/products/3000.htm) are what I use for daylight processing.

Ron Marshall
28-Feb-2008, 12:26
Jobo Expert drums are expensive; but easy to load, quick to fill with solutions, economical, consistent even development. They can be hand-rolled on the $25 Jobo roller base.

28-Feb-2008, 13:21
I use a Jobo 2830 drum. Works great for developing 8x10s. Uses only 100ml chemicals too.

Renato Tonelli
28-Feb-2008, 20:14
Don't be afraid of the Combi tank - it has worked really well for me for the past 15+ years. Some people really dislike them though...