View Full Version : Fujinon 90mm f/5.6, what's the filter size?

Darryl Roberts
27-Feb-2008, 20:37
Hi, does anyone know the filter size for the Fujinon 90mm f/5.6? Thank you.

Robert A. Zeichner
27-Feb-2008, 21:15
82 mm .075 pitch if this is the SWD series.

Adam Kavalunas
27-Feb-2008, 21:27
No offense Darryl, but with all the questions you've been posting about this lens you bought, did you do any research about it ahead of time? It sounds like you jumped into large format without even knowing how the lenses and cameras work.

John Schneider
27-Feb-2008, 21:53
Then again, one can always measure the thread ID with a ruler or calipers rather than asking others to retrieve that info for you.

Darryl Roberts
27-Feb-2008, 22:33
Thanks Robert, it is SWD

Adam, I did research that this was a good lens for architecture. I had no idea how to tell which filter size to order.

I appreciate your response too John

John Schneider
28-Feb-2008, 09:43
Darryl, no offense intended. It's just been my experience as a sometimes academic that knowledge is better retained if you get it yourself. And if you do forget it, you now know how to retrieve it.

In LF, there are so many different combinations and permutations of what you can do technique-wise and what you can combine and use equipment-wise. The only way to really make sense of all these options is to learn the basics through things like Steve Simmons' book or a class/workshop, learn where to go to retrieve additional information, learn how to think things through yourself with the knowledge you've gained, how to experiment with different equipment and techniques, and if that fails, how the define what it is you want to find out so you can ask the experts here (and I don't purport to be an expert myself in any sense of the word) so that they can chime in with relevant answers and opinions. Have fun with LF.