View Full Version : Fujinon 90mm f/5.6, how do I release the shutter?

Darryl Roberts
27-Feb-2008, 18:44

I just received my Fujinon 90mm f/5.6 in the mail (ebay purchase). It's not mounted on my camera yet. I cocked the shutter but cannot figure how to release it.

Please help. Thank you.

27-Feb-2008, 18:48
Make sure the shutter is closed and trip the cable release lever--that's it.

Darryl Roberts
27-Feb-2008, 18:52
I cannot find a cable release lever, please help.

27-Feb-2008, 18:54
There's a little metal block where the cable release screws in and directly under the block is a small metal bracket that pivots and trips the shutter.

Darryl Roberts
27-Feb-2008, 19:06
Thank you. It's different from 35mm, how does it take the picture with the shutter closed?

Darryl Roberts
27-Feb-2008, 19:08
Never mind, I see how it works now, thank you so much BarryS

27-Feb-2008, 19:10
you may want to look at this . http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses-primer/

good luck