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Scott Kathe
27-Feb-2008, 10:21
JOBO lists the min/max volume for the 3006 Expert drum at 210ml - 342ml and the 3010 drum at 210ml - 330ml. According to Kodak I need 62.5ml D76 per sheet of 4x5 or 125ml D76 (1:1) per sheet of 4x5. That means I can do only 5 sheets in the 3006 or 3010 drum with D76 at full strength or 2 sheets when D76 is diluted 1:1. That doesn't make any sense to me. Are the volumes listed on the JOBO site the minimum volumes required? If so what are the maximum volumes?


27-Feb-2008, 10:30
I think the maximum volume would be determined by what your motor can spin. For instance the CPP/CPA's can only handle about a 1L of solution.

Jim Noel
27-Feb-2008, 10:30
I use 700 ml when developing 5 sheets of 8x10 in a Jobo Expert Drum. Any more loads the motor too heavily.

Scott Kathe
27-Feb-2008, 10:42
I would be hand rolling on a roller base IF I end up with one of the Expert drums.


Chuck Pere
27-Feb-2008, 10:48
I have used 1500ml with no problems on a Unicolor base.

27-Feb-2008, 11:19
I use 1000cc for each of my drums. It's all good.

Scott Kathe
27-Feb-2008, 11:35
The Jobo stuff seems pretty expensive but I was in my darkroom/bathroom the other night and when I went to set my timer after all my film was in the water presoak the timer wouldn't work:( I was lucky that my wife was home to set our kitchen timer for me. I'd like to do some quality daylight processing (Jobo or Nikor tank) but the cost is really holding me back.

27-Feb-2008, 11:40
You don't need to buy new. The tanks unless you drop them just keep working. I use my Jobo tanks on rollerbases . I'm not the only one.

Ron Marshall
27-Feb-2008, 11:51
For hand-rolling, with the drum horizontal, the max volume for the 3010 is about 900ml. Any more and some will slosh out.

I have occasionally corked the top with the stopper from the pump (plugging the hole in the stopper with a pen) and developed by semi-stand with very dilute developer.

27-Feb-2008, 12:58
The correct answer is.......16 Liters!

I regularly develop 2 12x20's in a 3063 drum, using 80ml of Rodinal in 16L, i.e., 1:200, with minimum agitation. Dump the liquid in, put a cork in the top, drop it on its side and roll it for a minute or so. Stand it up. Roll it again for a few seconds every half hour, then dump it after two hours. Works for me, but, then again, I can lift 16L.


27-Feb-2008, 13:07
My scheme: Jobo 3010, 6 sheets 4x5 film, 500ml D-76 + 500ml water = 1 liter of D-76 @ 1:1, Uniroller motor base, 10 minutes @ 68F. When it's horizontal on the Uniroller, my 3010 tank will hold more than 1 liter without spilling.

Thinking that Kodak is very conservative, I'm going to try 8 sheets with 1 liter of D-76 1:1 in the 3010.

Bruce Watson
27-Feb-2008, 13:13
JOBO lists the min/max volume for the 3006 Expert drum at 210ml - 342ml and the 3010 drum at 210ml - 330ml.

Ummm... that's not what I read. Jobo's specs (http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/products/3000.htm) list considerably higher maximums.

Scott Kathe
27-Feb-2008, 14:03
Ummm... that's not what I read. Jobo's specs (http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/products/3000.htm) list considerably higher maximums.


I like that page a lot more than this one that I was going from:

If I go this route I will definitely be using a roller base and buy a used drum-anyone want to sell one:)


I do 8 sheets of 4x5 with 1 liter of D76 diluted 1:1 all the time-that's what you can do according to the D76 data sheet. http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/j78/j78.jhtml#004
I'm sure you could do 10 as well-but if that doesn't work out let me know;)

Dave Langendonk
27-Feb-2008, 14:29
Go to this Jobo page for more detailed instructions on the expert drums. http://www.jobousadarkroom.com/instructions/instructions_misc_expert_drums.htm#Expert%20Drum%20Chemistry%20Usage%20for%20E-6,%20C-41
About half way down the page you'll see filling quantity tables. I use these exclusively and have run Kodak C-41 control strips to verify the proper development. Results on the densitometer have been good.

28-Feb-2008, 04:02
I regularly develop 10 sheets of 4x5 in a 3010 and 6 sheets of 5x7 in a 3006 - each with 0.5l of chemicals (e.g. ID-11 1+1) on a durst comot motor roller base. I presoak in order to get even development. No problems so far.

There's a table for chemical usage on one of the Jobo sites:


It seems the quantities mentioned are for E-6 and C-41 processing, for b/w you use a bit more (about what I use).

29-Feb-2008, 16:35

Thanks for the confirmation on 8 sheets of film in the 3010. If I ever have 10 sheets exposed at the same time I'll give it a try.