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Robin Campbell
27-Feb-2008, 09:12

I am going to get myself a 5x7 view/field camera. I was wondering if anybody has experience of using the Sinar F2 in the field. The P2 looks great but just too heavy. What do you see are the advantages and disadvantages of the F2 in the field and whether you can buy one with a 5x7 back. I am not really interested in 4x5 but would buy an 8x10 back if they were freely available at a later stage. I love the idea of a mobile modular system that will grow with me.

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Robin Campbell
27-Feb-2008, 09:15
Sorry i also wanted to ask does the F2 have asymmetrical swings and tilts and the self-arresting geared movements of a P. I would want to have those facilitates.

Thank You

Peter Lewin
27-Feb-2008, 09:33
I can answer some of the questions based on my experience with the F1.
First, in terms of field use, it is a very reasonable compromise between a studio monorail and a folding field camera. The first compromise is weight, the Sinar is in the 6 lb range (i.e. over 6, less than 7), while my CanhamDLC45 is 4.7 lbs and my previous Wista was even less. So you are carrying perhaps an "extra" 2 lbs. The second compromise is compactness. In its most portable configuration, you unscrew any extension rail, fold the standards down on top of each other, parallel to the rail. I easily carried mine in an unstructured backpack, but it is more bulky, and an odder shape, than the typical box-like folded field camera. That said, it is a well-made, well-designed camera, available quite cheaply on eBay (or yesterday there was one with bag and regular bellows, over on APUG for $400 IIRC) and with a wealth of accessories.
For your second question, the F-series Sinars are base-tilt (not asymmetric), and not self-arresting geared movements (other than the focus knob). They do however have Sinar's "DOF" calibration dials, to assist tilt and point-of-focus decisions.

Ed Richards
27-Feb-2008, 11:15
I do not think you can get an F2 with a 5x7 back.

Antonio Corcuera
27-Feb-2008, 12:14
I do not think you can get an F2 with a 5x7 back.

Yes you can, but not an easy find. Plus, F2 backs are not interchangeable, so you can't shoot 8x10" unless you get a whole F2 back and standard. When shooting 5x7" I use a Sinar P back standard with an F2 front (a combination usually called C). Although I use it in the field, I wouldn't want to get too far from the car. It's been said before, if you insist on a monorail for the field and want a modular system, the Norma is your best bet.

Ken Lee
27-Feb-2008, 14:46
For Sinar questions, Igor's Camera Exchange (http://igorcamera.com/sinar.htm)can be very helpful, by eMail or telephone.

The Glennview (http://www.glennview.com/sinar.htm) web site shows a lot of custom Sinar configurations.