View Full Version : Cambo 4x5 reflex

scott russell
27-Feb-2008, 08:53
I saw a photo somewhere (now i can't remember) of someone with a cambo 4x5 reflex viewer on a super graphic. Does this normally fit, or do you have to alter the viewer to get it on there?

Vick Vickery
27-Feb-2008, 11:21
Like you, I don't remember who posted that, but he was using a Cambo back on the Super Graphic with the reflex viewer on the Cambo back. The Cambo back will attach to the Super Graphic just fine.

Peter Lewitt
27-Feb-2008, 11:26

You're probably looking for Troy Ammons. There are a several old threads on photo.net where Troy has posted pictures. Check out these two:



There's a picture on the SK Grimes site of a custom modification to another camera:

You need a Cambo groundglass panel to accomodate the reflex finder. The panel is nicer than the original SG frame, except that the fresnel lens is an additional expense. It slides right onto the graflock back of the SG. The Cambo accessories are available new from Calumet and come up on ebay for reasonable prices. I bought one as part of an 8x10 reducing back. I paid about 145.00 for the finder.

The reflex finder is tough lightweight plastic. It attaches to the groundglass frame easily and can be left on while shooting film (some finders are heavy enough to pull the GG away from the back on vertical shots).

Be aware that Cambo also makes a revolving back (unnecessary) and another that looks maybe too big to fit.

I have Sinar and Arca 4x5's with reflex housings and I'm quite happy with this one. It's basic, so you have falloff, even with a fresnel. But it's cheap and quick and preserves the compactness and portability of the camera, the principle reason for having it in the first place.

Good luck.