View Full Version : E6 Processing in downtown San Francisco

Rich Voninski
27-Feb-2008, 07:42
Next week I will have a need to get some 4x5 E6 processed in San Francisco. I would prefer not to drive out to Calypso. Is there a reliable lab in downtown San Fran. If not what is the closest E6 lab?


Rich Voninski

27-Feb-2008, 08:38
yes - newlab - they are near calumet on potrero


this was Galen Rowell's lab of choice

27-Feb-2008, 13:38
New Lab is the best choice.

They aren't near Calumet though. They are on Bryant at 5th St. A small parking lot is in the back which is accessible from 5th onto a back alley street called Welsh. They also have a changing room if you need it.