View Full Version : USAir Will Charge for Second Checked Bag

Frank Petronio
27-Feb-2008, 07:16
@#$&%% that's the second US airline (United was first) to do that

expect more to follow

john collins
27-Feb-2008, 07:33
You have discovered yet another reason they are referred to as Useless Air.

Ted Harris
27-Feb-2008, 07:39
I suspect all the rest will follow. OTOH, as a frequent traveler I have mixed feelings. I have sat on planes that got stuck sitting at the gate so long while loading baggage that they missed their takeoff slot and then I missed my connection.

Mark Sampson
27-Feb-2008, 07:40
Don't think that all the other airlines won't follow suit immediately; I'm surprised they took so long. And where Frank and I live, USAirways/USAir/Allegheny/Mohawk has about 60% of the flights in and out.

Deane Johnson
27-Feb-2008, 07:56
I have solved the problem. If I can't drive where I'm going, I don't go.

I realize not everyone can do that in their situation, but I refuse to give the airlines any of my money. I think that may come from having flown a great deal "in the good old days" when there was actually service, courtesy and comfort. They traded that for low fares and a Greyhound bus travel business model.

Frank Petronio
27-Feb-2008, 09:39
I bet you'll see people trying to get even more ridiculous things in the overhead bins and you'll see a lot of oversized luggage, which means they will have to really start weighing it at the gate (50# for now).

Looking for a Gowland, lol

27-Feb-2008, 10:19
I'm not as bothered by the charge, as I am by the attitude the airlines display "We are doing it for your good....." Nonsense. They are doing it to increase their profit margins - just be up front about it.

Jim Noel
27-Feb-2008, 10:34
Simple solution - stay off the planes, Ride the Train!

Louie Powell
27-Feb-2008, 10:47
- - -they will have to really start weighing it at the gate (50# for now).

So what's new about that? I recall several flights where both carryon luggage AND PASSENGERS were weighed prior to the flight to determine the optimum seating arrangement/weight distribution for takeoff and landing.

But of course, this presents passengers with a new set of dilemmas to deal with. Do you pay the $25 to check a second bag holding your tripod, or do you use larger luggage that will hold the tripod as well as your underwear, but then take the risk that the wimp at the checkin counter will decide that its too heavy and charge you the penalty for an overweight bag.

And then there is the statistical issue - if X% of checked bags are lost, then checking two bags doubles the risk of arriving without something. The probability of losing both bags is X squared, so you stand a good chance of arriving with something. On the other hand, if you use the larger bag, and it gets lost (probability is X%), you have lost both your tripod and your underwear.

Choices, choices, choices. Life's getting too complicated. :)

2-Mar-2008, 05:05
fly on the airliners that do not charge.

i had some of the best service using delta NYC-SLC non stop i have had in many many years.

i generally fly to SE Asia every year. i make sure i never ever use an american or european carrier. the asian carriers are head and shoulders above the others!


Louie Powell
2-Mar-2008, 06:58
i generally fly to SE Asia every year. i make sure i never ever use an american or european carrier. the asian carriers are head and shoulders above the others!

Before I retired, I traveled extensively, and I arrived at the same conclusion. Asian carriers such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific provided by far the best service around. And some of the European carriers weren't bad - I was always a fan of KLM (until they formed that unnatural relationship with Northwest).

In fact there were only two situations where I would use a US carrier on an overseas trip. One was where the client insisted (duh). Fortunately, there was only one client who insisted (the US government), and I didn't have to deal with them all that often. The other was when I was traveling to South America. In that case, American, United and Delta seemed to have better schedules, and provided a greater sense of safety and reliability than carriers from countries in South America. The one time I used a foreign carrier to travel to South America, we had to go through an emergency evacuation (down the escape slides onto the runway) at Kennedy Airport, an experience that I will never forget and never want to repeat!

David A. Goldfarb
2-Mar-2008, 07:03
I'm off to Berlin for four days today, and it looks like lousy weather all week and not much time for photography anyway, so I'll just be bringing my Perkeo II, which fits in my coat pocket.