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26-Feb-2008, 17:26
Possibly meant for Lenses and Lens Accessories?

I've spent a good 4 hours at least tonight, fixing up the Thornton Pickard shutter that spat black flakey stuff into my eye a few months ago.

Using the shutter curtain material from the Speed Graphic I stripped (broke), I made up a new set of curtains. They still need work and I may end up sewing a set in the near future since these aren't great. On top of that I also used some ribbon as string, since I don't have access to hardy enough string that would fit. Connected to the outer end of ribbon is the pop-up viewfinder for the Speed Graphic.

It works though! I set and cocked and fired a few times, all I need now is to place a mounting nut through the hole in the bottom so that it will fit snug on the 10" Conley RR aperture-less lens on the Speed.




Glenn Thoreson
27-Feb-2008, 17:26
Congratulations! It looks nice. I just finished building my own version using the pieces from a junk 2X3 Speed Graphic. It's probably not much bigger than the TP, and has speeds to 1/1000. The only reason I did this was because I couldn't get my hands on a working Thornton - Pickard. It's not something I want to do again.

28-Feb-2008, 02:36
Thanks Glenn. I don't think I want to be repeating that either.

I need to sew on the strips at the top and bottom of the opening, I used epoxy resin but it's not nearly as strong as you thing when it's cheap stuff!

I'll write up the measurements for the material strips for anyone interested though.