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Michael Heald
26-Feb-2008, 15:52
Hello! I thought I would try color paper as a negative to see how it might work with my 8x10 pinhole. I tested the paper with my 4x5 Tachihara and a 210mm Sironar N lens and an old 85A wratten gelatin filter.
The speed looks about ISO=30, and it captured about 5 stops. I tried at 1/8 sec, 1 sec, and 10 sec - all by adjusting the f-stop to hold exposure constant. The pictures get darker going from 1/8 sec, 1 sec, and 10 sec. Curious. Darker does mean more exposure in color, just as in B&W, doesn't it?
I slapped on my ND 4 (10,000x) filter and tried it at about 23 minutes. The exposure is very dark, almost obsuring the step wedge, and has a blue tint.
I'm wondering if this is evidence of a significant color shift with exposure time over 10 seconds?
I'll try my pinhole with several different exposure times and see what happens. Best regards.

Michael A. Heald