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26-Feb-2008, 14:28
If this is indeed the end of Type 55 and no-one steps up to bat to make a negative/positive film, what do people use instant film for? I assume that Fuji will continue, but in a positive only format. Do y'all scan the prints? Just use them for test shots? What?

I still have a Polaroid 545 back, but I'm not particularly interested in scanning, and the prints are too small for my taste. When I run out of type 55, should I turn it into a paper weight?

Gordon Moat
26-Feb-2008, 14:38
Proofing, testing lenses or shutters, and sometimes manipulations:

Gordon Moat
26-Feb-2008, 14:45
I never used type 55, though I still have a box of 665 in the fridge. Actually, I hardly ever used any of the Polaroid B/W films. The first manipulation is from four 669 emulsion lifts, placed onto art paper. The second image is an SX70 manipulation.

I have exhibited many similar images, and sold several to collectors. In a way, this art form is disappearing, though apparently there are a few tricks to get Fuji FP100C to do an emulsion transfer. It also seems that emulsion lifts might work with boiling the film.

Some of my art work is part of a traveling Polaroid Expo in northern France, which happens to start today. There is some News (http://www.gordonmoat.com/news_01.html) on my website about this. Mostly SX70 images, which was one of the first great cancellations from Polaroid.



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26-Feb-2008, 14:48
Haven't touched one since I went digital a few years ago. Prior to that I was a heavy user, buying T59 and T54 by the case in 4X5 and 8X10 (889). I used it for proofing prior to going to film. Was interviewed back in the 90's for Polaroid magazine on how we used it in the studio...kind of miss those days where I could pull a Polaroid and it gave me a minute of solitude to think over the picture. Now when I fire the camera, the image is larger than life on the monitor for everyone to see:eek:

Bruce Barlow
27-Feb-2008, 06:15
I set up on the street and do Polaroid portraits. Sometimes I charge $10, sometimes not. I have 8x10 precut mats, archival linen tape, and bags, so I can give you a mounted Type 72 of yourself in about two minutes. It's a blast to do. I did them for free on top of Mount Washington a couple summers ago and had a great time.

Sometimes I go out with just Polaroid to play. It's cleansing, and "keepers" can use the same mats I use for portraits. Mostly, it's cleansing and allows me freedom to experiment.

Brooks Jensen has a great exercise we stole for our workshops: Three-for-one, where you make a Polaroid, look at it, improve the composition, make another Polaroid, look at it, improve it one more time and make a negative. A fabulous exercise, and well-worth the investment in Polaroid film.

Went out a number of anniversaries ago and made a picture I knew my wife would like, and gave it to her as a gift. Type 52, before I discovered 72. It's still one of the best pictures I ever made, and hangs in the living room.

The best picture I ever made is a Type 52. It hangs next to the other one.