View Full Version : Info on Shen Hao HZX810 ?

25-Feb-2008, 08:54
Does anyone have any experiences on the Shen Hao HZX810? I'm thinking about this over the other Shen Hao 8x10 mainly because of the longer bellows draw. Basically my budget is around the $2k mark and I want something with front movements. The other options I'm thinking about are the Tachi (triple extension), Deardorff and maybe the Osaka (don't know much about this one).

I mostly shoot portraits with big brass lenses but somethimes I can't help but do landscapes, especially when there's a group outing.

Thanks for any help or insights you all may have.


25-Feb-2008, 09:11
Unless it's back in production it's no longer made. You'll have to find a used one. When I asked they'd switched all production to the FCL line.

25-Feb-2008, 11:48
Thanks Nick.
I've not heard back from the company and I guess that explains why there's so little info out there. They really should take it off their site.

25-Feb-2008, 11:57
Outside of the longer bellows I'm pretty happy to have gotten "stuck" with the FCL.

I don't remember how much the HZX sold for but it would have been a bit higher then the FCL.

26-Feb-2008, 07:20
What length bellows are you looking for.

26-Feb-2008, 08:19
Hi Richard,

The 800mm of the Shen Hoa was attractive. I have some long brass lenses I use with a packard shutter box. I'm exploring what works for me as far as portrait photography goes and have been using an 8x10 Kodak 2D. I find myself wanting front movements like I have on a monorail 4x5. What I like about the 2D is I have backs for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10. Makes things pretty simple.

Hope that answers your question.


26-Feb-2008, 09:04
What you want is a camera with 36 to 40 inches of bellows. That I can make.