View Full Version : Shen Hao 5x7 film holder issue

Pronier Jean Claude
25-Feb-2008, 06:23
I recently ordered two new Shen Haod 5x7 wooden film holder.
Fine work, looks well made with nice wood for the frame and black plastic dark slide.
It's a good new to have new 5x7 film holder on the market.
But in spite of this nice aspect you have to be carefull with it and recommended to make a test before enjoying.
One of my two holder refused the sheet film on one side, it was impossible to close the flap end because the film was not entirely introduced . Turning on the darkroom light I made several try without success. Almost at the rail end the film is stopped. May be some dry glue or wood shaving inside the rail. I tried to remove it with a cutter without success.
I hope this is an uncommon default.

Scott Davis
26-Feb-2008, 08:50

I have 12 of them. I had a similar problem with one. So I would say it is an uncommon but not rare problem. I bought mine from Badger Graphic, so Jeff is replacing the defective one for me. Otherwise, I've shot a LOT of film through them now, and been very happy with the performance.

Turner Reich
26-Feb-2008, 20:20
Thanks for letting us know, I was going to order several, I hope they will figure out what the cause is soon.