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24-Feb-2008, 12:00
I have a little T55 left which is dated 05 and 06. I am getting some banding on the processed neg/positive. It does not appear to be a problem with the film holder, a very clean 545, as I don't get the same issue with similar aged positive only T52, T54, T59 . Rather than just chuck the boxes or just use it for proofing, I was wondering if anyone has tried taking the separated exposed negs ( after removing the sheet from the holder WITHOUT breaking the developer pod seal ) and then developed the neg in other developers. If so which? Any hints, tips, gotchas. From Polaroids datasheet, it appears that normal fixer will not clear the opacity layer, so it would still need a bath in the sodium sulfite. But when?
If it is possible it might make collecting old stock worth while now that it is no longer being made.

Pfeiffer Duckett
26-Feb-2008, 02:17
I would stock up on it if I could. I can't find any- everyone is sold out.

As for developing, I remember hearing that the film inside was very similar to Kodak's Panatomic-X. I'm sure you could find a data sheet for it if you poke around on the internet. For clearing, the sodium sulfite is mainly for harding the emulation, but because I'm not an expert in chemistry, I would suggest developing per order of the data sheet for panatomic-x, then following this advice:

"If you want a hard neg you first use sodium sulfate (2 min.) then reg fix w/ hardener (1min) then put into clean sodium sulfate (2 min.) wash as normal"

from: here (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=766)

I hope this helps!

Pfeiffer Duckett
26-Feb-2008, 02:34
I found some developing times on Photo.net:

"Conrad Hoffman poster, Oct 24, 2002; 12:32 a.m.

No need to guess. The published times from the old Darkroom Data Guide were 9 minutes in D76 1:1, and 4 1/2 minutes in HC-110 dilution B. Great stuff. Use a tripod or bright light and have fun."

26-Feb-2008, 10:49
thx , looks like it's worth a try.