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michael davidoff
24-Feb-2008, 10:48
I have an 8x10 Agfa Ansco view camera with 4 lenses complete with all accessories, tripod in it's own case also a Linhof studio camera stand from the 1950's in excellent working condition.
Trying to obtain monetary values. Would appreciate any help in this area.

24-Feb-2008, 11:02
HI, Michael.

You can see if they have the camera and other items at KEH.com. When you get to the site, open the Camera Store tab and then go to large format on the menu. You'll need to check separately under the camera bodies and then lenses. The usual page has only ten listings, but if you look toward the upper right, you can select to have all items shown. That will stay that way for all searches during your current visit.

The tripod might be found under large format accessories or you may have to search another topic.

Also, on ebay, click on advanced search and then enter the item, then select 'cameras and photos' and then click on the box for 'completed listings only'. Repeat that for each item and you'll see what they brought in the last 30(?) days if one sold. That will be in red. If one was offered but did not sell, it will be in green.

Also check for the item under current listings to see if any are for sale and what they are bringing.

Good luck.


Peter De Smidt
24-Feb-2008, 11:29
The types of lenses and their condition will have a great impact on value.

michael davidoff
4-Mar-2008, 09:46
Hi Tim,

We want to thank you for replying for it appears that everybody is "too busy" or what is my motivation for helping.

We still believe that knowledge is power & if you can help to empower others that is a gift & we only want to be fair in our pricing for it is hard enough to part with this extrodinary equipment that works fabulously & produces the quaility product that it was purchased for. Being a commercial photographer the difference is the quaility of the images that this equipment has always provided.

Everything changes & we hope for someone to get & enjoy our equipment as much we have. We still shoot film, though, & transfer it to CD for that is what the clients want but we are comfortable with the results & believe they are superior & that the longevity of the film is much more dependable (original pics from the 1st rock concert in florida,an assignment, with the Rollings stone, Janis Joplin & many others) reproduce as beautifuuly as they did the day they were shot, 2 weeks b/for Janis died. How do you replace that with a digital clip that starts to lose the image ?

Thanks for the great info, Maxine & Michael Davidoff

Frank R
4-Mar-2008, 10:39
Please list the focal lengths, lens names, shutter names and the condition; digital photos would help also.

We are willing to help, but you need to give us something to work from.

Ron Bose
4-Mar-2008, 10:44
There's another thread out there regarding the Ansco - the estimate there for the cam and one lens was around US$600.

The Linhof studio stand will be an issue for shipping, you'd have to sell 'local pick up only' as shipping will be prohibitive. I saw someone trying to sell a 1970's one in the next city to me, but he wanted 1200 for it ... to much for me !

4-Mar-2008, 12:25
HI, Maxine and Michael.

I'm happy I could offer what little knowledge I have. As an equipment shopper, both for use and for my collection, I just try to find sources. Of course, as are most Forum members, I'm happy to share.

I think that most of us keep our mouths shut when we don't really have an answer. There are many other members out there that are seriously more informed than I am about a huge range of subjects, so I tend to keep to myself and try to learn when I don't have a real contribution. I suspect most others are about the same.

The few times that I've asked questions on here, I've gotten rapid and wonderfully helpful responses.

I totally agree with the film to CD concept for clients. In my commercial and architectural work, that is the only way I go unless a client is insistent on near instant delivery due to deadlines. Fortunately, most understand my desire to offer the highest quality and don't mind a few days longer than what I need for digital and its necessary
clean up work.

There is still nothing in digital that can compete with the almost physical mystique of a client holding up a large transparency and seeing the colors illuminated from behind.....much like the experience from the interior view of stained glass windows in great churches.

Good luck with selling your system. I've got both 8x10 and 5x7 Ansco views that I have partially restored. The brass was completely cleaned, polished, to a jewelry finish and lacquered by a musical instrument repair shop; so that these absolutely glow in my collection. Wonderful cameras to shoot as well.

Be well.


michael davidoff
7-Mar-2008, 07:19
Hi Tim

We want to thank you for responding & sharing your info with us.

It is always good to have feed back r/t your take & the process your using now as being appreciated by someone as knowledgeable as yourself & the others who have shared also.

We will f/u on the leads & put a more detailed account of our equipment asap.

What a wonderful group of people on this site & we really appreciate the time, in everybody's busy life, to stop & share with us new resources, info & even quotes.

We have had some bites & are thrilled to know that this beautiful
8x10 will have a home & be as appreciated as it is still producing beautiful pictures as it always has for many years & will continue to for many to come.

Thanks to everyone, Maxine & Michael

michael davidoff
12-Mar-2008, 14:24
Here is the info r/t to the lenses:

There are 3 lenses they are Kodak Commercial Ektar lenses.
One is a wide field 10inch (250 mm) F6.3 with a #5 Universal Synchro shutter. THis lense needs a mount board.
The next lense is a 12 inch lense F6.3 with a #4 Acme Synchro shutter.
The 3rd lense is a 14inch F6.3 lens with a #5 Synchro shutter. This lense needs some new screws to attach mount board.
All lenses were made in the USA by Ilex optical co. for Eastman Kodak. All have serial #s & are in perfect working condition.

The 8x10 Agfa Ansco camera system also comes with a 4x5 grond glass back, a 5x7 inch back that needs a ground glass &the 8x10 ground glass back. There are 10-8x10 film holders & 10-5x7 film holders & a crown tripod #4 made of brass & hardwood.
All in perfect condition.

We hope this info is helpful & appreciate all the imput.
Thanks Maxine & Michael Davidoff

Mick Noordewier
12-Mar-2008, 14:47

Some more items that might help determine value:

1. Is it a Commercial View or a Universal View? The Commercial has a longer bellows draw.

2. What is the condition of the bellows? Ansco original bellows, even if well protected, will have deteriorated by now. The cost of a new bellows will be close to 50% of the value of the camera.

3. What movements are available? Early Ansco 8x10s had front rise only. Later front tilt was added, and some have been subsequently modified with front swing.

4. What is the size of the lensboard? 8x10 Ansco lensboards started out 7", but later models were 6". The latter is more standard, and might matter to a buyer.

Finally, it is most likely that you will get better return by selling the camera and lenses separately. Hope these comments help.


John Kasaian
14-Mar-2008, 21:35
Ansel used one---with a 10"WF Ektar no less! Thats got to be a selling point ;)