View Full Version : Anyone been to Hoy?

Richard Littlewood
24-Feb-2008, 10:22
I'm off up to Hoy early March with a friend who also takes photographs. Never been north of Inverness before, so I would welcome pointers re locations on the island and Scappa flow. All I know is it is likeley to be cold!

Colin Robertson
24-Feb-2008, 15:38
Don't worry about the cold- it's the WIND that makes LF shooting hard in the islands. Bring the most robust tripod you've got, and a reflex viewer if you have it. Wait til you try composing while a gale wraps the dark cloth round your head. Hilarious!!

MIke Sherck
24-Feb-2008, 15:51
I've never been there but I've heard a' Hoy!

:) Mike