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Scott Rosenberg
23-Feb-2008, 23:33
Hi guys,

i'll be spending the better part of this June traveling between Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia... any suggestions? I'd love to get some recommendations on great places to visit and also places to photograph.

thanks for any and all inputs,

23-Feb-2008, 23:55
Is this your first visit to SEA?

Scott Rosenberg
24-Feb-2008, 00:17
Is this your first visit to SEA?

nope... i spent time in Vietnam last year, but didn't have time enough to make it much outside of Saigon. i will have more time on this trip to explore a bit. i'll be heading to SEA and China with some frequency for the next few years.

David Karp
24-Feb-2008, 09:31
No information to help you, but it sure sounds like an awesome trip. Have a great time!

Sideshow Bob
24-Feb-2008, 11:02
The wife and I spent three weeks touring Thailand and Cambodia last December and had a wonderful time. We were in Thailand for most of our trip but one of the most photogenic times was the four days we spent in Siem Reap Cambodia visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and others.


25-Feb-2008, 12:08
Hi Scott,

Will you be taking your LF gear with you?

Take a peek through this web site:


Sounds like a great trip! :)


26-Feb-2008, 01:18
Vietnam: Ha long harbour on the north coast, and the central highlands in the west central area.
Indonesia is huge. I've only spent time on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Sumatra has Lake Toba in the north which is quite beautiful.
I don't know Thailand all that well, but there is lots of literature on the country. Nice people for sure.
I can recommend Laos if you get the chance. Not as touristy as Thailand, but again nice people and some very beautiful temples and ruins.

Ron Marshall
26-Feb-2008, 01:47
Don't miss Angkor Wat, whatever else you see. Truly a wonder of the world. But, If you use LF you will have to pay for a permit. I used a tripod with 35mm and didn't have to pay. A friend went with LF and was initially asked for $300/day. He managed to bargain it down to $150/day.

There are cheap flights from Saigon direct to Siem Reap.