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Colin Myers
23-Feb-2008, 01:10
Can anyone throw any light on the drop in filters which were used with the 12"/305mm Kodak Portrait lens. I belive I have heard them referred to as Kodak Series 1X. Is this correct and what form do they take? Are they just discs, or do they have some sort of metal surround or mount. Anyone have any kicking around. I would quite like to source a yellow one.
Colin Myers

23-Feb-2008, 09:03
Kodak doc from http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/kodakportrait/kodakportrait.html
says you need a Series IX as you thought. Series IX is 3 1/4" or 83.5mm according to googled pages. The filters appear to be surrounded by a metal ring, not threaded in the drop-in case.

Colin Myers
23-Feb-2008, 10:07
Thanks Mike, I had not realised that Seth had this item on his site
Still looking for a yellow one!

23-Feb-2008, 10:47
Alternatively, see if you can find a series 9 filter adapter which will let you use gels.

Ted Harris
23-Feb-2008, 12:45
Also consider gelling your lights.

Colin Myers
26-Feb-2008, 04:45
Still looking, anyone in Europe have one of these in fair fettle, they want to part with. Shipping seems to be a problem from the U.S.A.