View Full Version : Anyone ever disassemble a 210mm Xenar?

Steve Goldstein
21-Feb-2008, 19:13
My recently-acquired 210mm f/6.1 Xenar in Copal 1 reeked of mothballs (the previous owner had stored it that way to protect against fungus in a tropical environment). I removed the cells from the shutter and left everything out in the air for a couple of weeks. The shutter is now odor-free, but the lens cells still have that certain je ne sais quoi about them, so I'm considering disassembling the lens cells for internal airing and cleaning. I have the spiffy SKGrimes spanner so the retaining rings should present no trouble.

Has anyone ever done this? I've had G-Clarons apart before and they were quite straightforward (I had a junker to practice on first), but before I dive in I'd like to know if there are any tricky bits inside.


Thanks in advance,

21-Feb-2008, 21:26
I disassembled 210mm f/4.5 xenar front cell with a chinese spanner, it's easy. I marked the barrel and front element retaining ring, so that I knew how many turns I had to tighten it back.

Steve Goldstein
22-Feb-2008, 13:05
Right you are, it was a piece of cake. I couldn't figure out how to get the rear lens out of the front-cell barrel, but with the front lens out the rest was easy. And the rear cell is a cemented group, so the whole works just popped right out.

Thanks for the encouragement.