View Full Version : lens without f-stop markings! (Schneider Super-Angulon 65mm f5.6)

21-Feb-2008, 19:12
I just purchased a lens off ebay. Despite otherwise excellent condition, there are no fstop markings on the shutter. How do I go about fixing this? I've never run into this before.


Alan Davenport
21-Feb-2008, 23:40
SK Grimes can make a scale for it.

Peter K
22-Feb-2008, 02:20
Last month this was dicussed in
but for such a short focal-lenght like 65mm one has to work very accurate.

22-Feb-2008, 11:42
I am fairly sure that you can buy the appropriate scales for this lens. Try your local LF dealer.

David Whistance

22-Feb-2008, 13:01
All the above posts seem correct. But here is another option for a very good looking, inexpensive, home made scale.


I triple-checked my scale in the following way:

1) measure the size of image of the entrance pupil (and do the appropriate calculations)
2) Use a Horseman TTL light meter to check against other lenses
3) Collect images from the internet of the exact same lens and shutter. It just happens that with Symmar-S in the Copal #1, the f45 is exactly opposite the "8" or the "4" on the sutterspeed indicator (4 on the top scale, 8 on the bottom scale) (this orientation was evident on ALL the lens pictures I collected) My research also indicated that all Copal aperture mechanisms are designed to have a constant distance between the numbers (except, the first two in some cases).