View Full Version : 135 xenotar 3.5 v. CZJ 135 4.5

21-Feb-2008, 17:19
Can anyone shed some light on the differences (other than max aperture) between the Carl Zeiss Jena 135 f.4.5 and the Schneider Xenotar 135 f. 3.5?

Mainly, Im looking for image circle and overall quality.


Glenn Thoreson
22-Feb-2008, 12:38
Carl Zeiss is the manufacturer and Jena the facility where it was made. It would be helpful if you told us what the name of the lens is. Off hand, and this is speculation at this point, there's no comparison. The Xenotar is a high end, quality optic.

Patrik Roseen
22-Feb-2008, 16:06
Here is information about the xenotar 3.5/135mm

xenotar 135mm (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/xenotar/data/3,5-135mm.html)

Frank Petronio
22-Feb-2008, 16:22
There is a Zeiss Planar 135/3.5 from the same era as the Schneider 135/3.5 Xenotar - they are very similar lenses. Do a Google search.

22-Feb-2008, 16:58
the CZJ 135 f4.5 is most likely a Tessar. If both lenses are coated, no real difference in practical use.

Frank Petronio
22-Feb-2008, 17:57
A Zeiss Tessar would be similar to a Schneider Xenar... the Planar/Xenotar is quite a different beast.

Patrik Roseen
23-Feb-2008, 16:30
As Frank says, the xenotar is quite different from a Tessar design, hence Xenar.

If you want to compare the xenotar with a xenar you can read all about it here:
xenotar and xenar (http://www.schneideroptics.de/archiv/pdf/xr_xnt_66.pdf)

24-Feb-2008, 16:52
yes xenotar and xenar are of different designs , but there are no obvious difference in results with these coated lense in practice.

those very early uncoated planar and tessar do bring about different feelings -gentle and hard though.