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21-Feb-2008, 13:10
Hi guys!!

My first post here, so i hope you can help me. I am the happy owner of a Wista 45 VX, and i am considering a used 90mm super angulon in a Linhof Teknika lens-board. Can anyone tell if it will fit my Wista???


21-Feb-2008, 13:58
Boards for use on Linhof Technikas have the lens hole drilled slightly lower than center to keep the image circle centered on the film. I don't own a Wista, but I have one Wista board and all though it does fit nicely on my Technika IV the lens hole is centered on the board and doesn't align perfectly with my film center. I use the Wista board with a 300mm so it hasn't been a problem, but I plan to replace it someday with a better aligned board.

21-Feb-2008, 14:01
Well, on my Wista the lensboard does have the hole drilled slightly lower, So perhaps it does fit..... ;-)


Kirk Keyes
21-Feb-2008, 14:06
I use a Wista board on my Tech IV. It should work conversely.

21-Feb-2008, 17:56
One word of caution, pay attention to the shutter on the Super Angulon you are considering. Mine has the (much) older Syncro-Compur 00 shutter. Although mine works very well and seems to hold speeds OK, parts for this shutter are unavailable. So long as it holds together life is good, but I'm shure its unrepairable if anything breaks. It also does not have a preview button.
If I were looking at a 90mm I would be shure to get a Copal 0 shutter.


Brian Ellis
21-Feb-2008, 20:13
The Linhof board will work fine. The very small difference between the position of the center hole in a Linhof board and in a board with the hole centered is unimportant for all practical purposes. It just means the exact center of the lens is a few mms off the exact center of the film. IMHO the amount of ink that's been devoted over the years to the Linhoff "off center" hole is way out of proportion to its practical significance. We don't give a second thought to using front or back rise or fall, front or back shift, or front tilt on a camera with base tilts, any of which can move the center of the lens off the center of the film to a greater extent than the Linhof "off center" board. So why the much smaller difference (usually) between the center of the lens and the center of the film when using a Linhof board on a non-Linhof camera should bother anyone is hard for me to figure. But if it really does bother you, just use a few mms of front rise and everything will be perfect.

23-Feb-2008, 09:51
Thanks for all the information guys. I will make sure to get a copal 0 and not a 00 and if it is on a Linhof lens board that will be OK, (and Brian, i agree. A few mm off center must be of no significance).