View Full Version : Eskofot 5060, large format!

Pedro Macedo
21-Feb-2008, 08:27
somebody knows as this machine works...

Please answer by e-mail.


Pedro Macedo

Ted Harris
21-Feb-2008, 08:57
I assume you mean the Eskofot scanner. The answer is yes, the machine works but it doesn't work as well as others in the same price range. What is your specific question?

Pedro Macedo
22-Feb-2008, 06:09
I have this machine but never worked with her, came to my hand a purchase of material used and not really understand what the function of it. Could help me?
I intent to sell but do not know very well who may interest...


Pedro Macedo

Pedro Macedo
22-Feb-2008, 06:11
I do not know if it is a scanner!!!

22-Feb-2008, 11:29
Doing a quick google search, looks like the Eskofot 5060 was a Norwegian 50x60cm repro/layout etc. camera of some type. See http://www.klausnordby.com/ego/photography.html

Gordon Moat
22-Feb-2008, 12:03
After numerous name changes, and different directions in products and services, there is still the company existing, though now called ESKO:


That link is for support services. You can contact them, and see if they have any advice, or any parts for what you own.

At one time, there were EskoFot scanners, also called EskoGraphics. I think it would be very tough to find the software, or any parts today. Unless such a scanner came at a huge bargain, with software, I think it would be better to avoid. A copy camera is a different thing, and might be possible to convert, or use some parts for ultra large format.


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