View Full Version : RB67 back on Wista Sliding Roll film adapter?

Bob Y
20-Feb-2008, 21:52
Has anyone used a Mamiya RB67 roll film back on a Wista Sliding Roll film adapter? My Wista adapter currently has a Wista 6x9 roll film back which is a "small" Graflok back. Is it true that the RB67 back is a standard Graflok (small) back?

Are there any issues with pairing these two together?



Glenn Thoreson
22-Feb-2008, 12:27
If you actually have a Graflok style back, any roll holder meant to mount on a Graflok should work fine. The only thing with RB-67 holders is the interlock mechanism on the Pro S series holders. It prevents removing the dark slide, and it's easy to defeat. I use RB-67 holders on my 2X3 Speed Graphic cameras with no problems.