View Full Version : Graflock adapter 4x5 to 2x3 ?

Roger Vadim
20-Feb-2008, 04:47
Hello everybody!

I am new to this forum and just got a beaten old Speed Graphic. Works nice and the 127mm Ektar is a nice lens so far, it got that little old fashioned look in the lights (a certain non Leica glow;) ). Shooting B/W sheets at the moment (Fomapan 100) and try to fight the strange behavior of this old emulsion - the shadows tend to block in an instant - I'll rate it more a 32 film then a 100 at the moment...

But heres the question: because I've got a couple of Mamiya RB backs it would be nice and convenient to use them on the Speed. Is there an adapter to mount the small graflock type backs (like the Mamyia RB or 2x3 cameras have got) to the 4x5 Graflock Back on my Speed?

Any hints very welcome. It seems so stupid to get another 6/7 back for the Graphic - have enough of them already, in the wrong mount...

Cheers, Michael

Wayne Crider
20-Feb-2008, 09:49
I've never seen an adapter and personally wouldn't waste my time trying to figure it out when you can get a RH10 pretty cheap. There's an ad over in Pnet right now for two at $85 each. The older Mamiya backs fit the 2x3 Graphics with Graflok's straight away.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Feb-2008, 09:56
I've seen such an adapter once for Linhof, and it would work for any Graflok back, but it's a rarity. As Wayne says, rollfilm backs for 4x5" camera are plentiful and they come in a range of prices, so it would make more sense just to get one, if you want to shoot rollfilm on a 4x5" camera, rather than looking for an elusive adapter.

Roger Vadim
21-Feb-2008, 02:58
Thanks a lot for your quick responses!
Well, then I'm not wasting any time on this idea anymore. I like to shoot 6/7 mainly for the convenience of having different films in different backs, like I have with my Mamiya. And I'm only having a 6/7 enlarger at the moment...

p-net is a nice suggestion, but living over the pond in Germany makes things (shipping, taxes et.al.) a bit difficult.

Another reason for shooting 6/7 for the "not so important shots" (doing enviromental portraits and a bit of "street" stuff with the Graphic) is the price of film, which is over double as expensive in Germany as it is in the states: around 50 $ for a pack of 10 sheets 160NC in 4/5 (50 sheets Tri-x is 90 bucks!)... seems that you've got the more dramatic landscapes over there and the cheaper film to portray it;)

best, Michael