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Greg Nelson
19-Feb-2008, 20:21
I'm getting ready to fire up my darkroom after being "out of it" for a year, and I notice that paper choices have narrowed a bit. And maybe the cost is up a little? I'm being sarcastic. But looking at my choices, I'm wondering what's best. I have always printed with Ilford MG FB papers, cold and warm tone. They now seem to be the priciest by far, and I now need to make a major purchase to last for a good long time. I've had good luck with Oriental cold tone papers... anyone have experience with their warmtone product?

Michael Graves
20-Feb-2008, 05:26
The rumor mill had it that Adox was soon releasing Agfa MCC-111 under their label. I keep watching for something along those lines, but have not seen it yet. If that happens, a marvelous paper will be once again available to us. It has warm blacks with neutral whites.

If you like warmer white as well, try Kentmere FIneprint Warmtone.

Chuck Pere
20-Feb-2008, 06:19
See this thread on Oriental Warmtone:

If you like a cream base Fomatone MG Classic warmtone is very nice.