View Full Version : Linhof front standard is loose

scott dietrich
24-Feb-2001, 02:15
I have a linhof tech III with a loose front standard. They no longer make parts for this camera and I was curious if it is possible to retro fit a Tech IV or V standard to a tech III body? Or if anyone can solve the problem without changi ng the front standard that would be great.

Bob Finley
24-Feb-2001, 03:05
Scott - I started 4x5 with a Tech III with the same problem. I spent months (like 18) trying to stiffen the front standard with various adjustments shims etc. and finally decided it was a general overall wear in all moving parts including the tracks. A IV will not fit and I could never find any replacements for a III front end without buying an entire camera. I finally bought a good solid IV. The best solution I had was a bungy from front standard to body which seemed to work but I always hesitated to make long exposures and it was a PITA. - Bob