View Full Version : Fortuitous Mistakes

Michael Graves
18-Feb-2008, 14:15
After reading some complimentary remarks about Varycon paper sold by Arista, I decided to try a box. I inadvertently selected matte instead of my usual glossy and compounded the error by printing a couple of prints and drying them before I noticed. And guess what. I liked it. Having been an air-dried glossy sort of guy all my life that actually kind of surprised me.

(Well, actually I'M not air-dried and glossy, but I've always liked PRINTS that were.)

Nice paper developed in 130 developer and selenium toned.

Glenn Thoreson
18-Feb-2008, 19:16
I've made a lot of mistakes and continue to do so. I don't know if any of mine could be called fortuitous, though. I use semi matte paper for a lot of things and have been thinking that dead matte would suit some subjects even better. I will probably try the Arista paper when my Ilford stock runs out. I also like the look of air dried glossy. Kind of a fine leathery look to it that's very nice.